Business Strategy & Engineering Planning and Implementation for Electric Smart Grid
Business Strategy & Engineering Planning and Implementationfor Electric Smart Grid

M.L. Chan Ph.D.

Key Qualifications

ML Chan specializes in guiding utilities in achieving high ROI through improved operational efficiency and planning prudence. He applies his broad and insightful expertise to assist utilities in realizing their Smart Grid vision, using his specialties in real-time computer and communications systems, power system planning and operations, IT and process change management to the four utility sectors – generation, transmission, distribution and customer services. His areas of expertise cover distribution system reliability, distribution automation, and automation technology asset management, and integration of renewable, EVs and demand-side resources. During his 35+ years of consulting career, he has served over 65 utility clients in North America and overseas. As the Chair of IEEE Power System Planning and Implementation Committee and Chartered Member of the Executive Advisory Committee for DistribuTECH Conferences and EL&P Executive Conferences, he brings his industry-wide state-of-the-art perspectives to his clients. Hi is Chair of Task Force 2 of IEEE P2030.1 Working Group on integrating EVs into electric grids.  He is a Senior Member of IEEE and has published over 70 technical papers in the open literature. He has also been invited to give seminars, tutorials and workshops throughout the world and has served as an expert witness in regulatory proceedings.


Professional Experience

ML Consulting Group, California: 2011-Present
Sr. Vice President

Dr. Chan utilizes his vast global consultancy experience to assist different utilities and vendor companies to launch into Smart Grid. He guides utilities to determine cost effective Smart Grid roadmaps that incorporates the state of the art technologies into legacy equipment and systems in an integrated interoperable manner, fully utilizing industry standards.  He also provides consultancy to vendors on how to penetrate the Smart Grid markets at various regions, including China, US, Canada, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Middle East, Europe and the ASEAN nations.  His full understanding of the technical, business and finance disciplines of Smart Grid and its integration of renewable resources, electric vehicles, and distributed energy resources allows him to efficiently assist investors and vendors in thriving in this space.  He is assisting several US, China an Korean firms to implement their business strategies for the Smart Grid market in the US, China and India.


JUCCCE (Joint US-China Collaboration for Clean Energy), China: 2008-Present

Executive Director of Smart Grid

Dr. Chan brings together Smart Grid technology partners from overseas and buyers from China to embrace maximum value Smart Grid initiatives.  Through such efforts of this Non-Profit Organization, JUCCCE, Dr. Chan helped develop the Strong Smart Grid Policy for China and to introduce technology partnerships to facilitate the implementation of the Strong Smart Grid in China.  This collaboration came in the form of development of standards, product development and demonstration projects.  He has also been instrumental in bringing US and China energy officials together to develop collaboration opportunities in Smart Grid and cleantech areas, including solar PVs, EVs and CCS (carbon capture sequestration).


LSIS Company, Ltd., Seoul, Korea: 2010-2011

Sr. Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Chan was responsible for directing LSIS, the largest supplier of power utility systems and device products in South Korea, to develop and implement the business and marketing strategy for Smart Grid.  The market footprint covered China, India, rest of Asia, North and South America, Europe, Australia and Africa.  He worked within the entire LS Group of companies to move the corporation into the Smart Grid market, including monitoring and control systems (e.g., EMS, DMS, DA, substation automation), smart line devices, RTUs, IEDs, PMUs, AMI meters, building energy management systems, solar PV inverters, EV charging stations, energy storage systems, MV and LV underground cables and associated monitoring and control systems, HVDC systems and gas-insulated switchgears. He helped implement the strategy by setting up partnership with different nationally leading firms to penetrate the Asian and North American market.

Quanta Technology, LLC: 2008-2010

Executive Advisor & Smart Grid Director

Dr. Chan was responsible for developing consulting business in the areas of Smart Grid and power system planning and operations.  He guided utilities in developing Smart Grid strategies and policies, and then assisted them in implementing them.  He helped utilities to prepare ARRA grants for Smart Grid.  Then he assisted them in implementing the roadmaps.  Implementation comes in the form of system and equipment design and acquisition, and processes in administering the program and change management.   His clients include IOUs, municipalities and regulatory agencies.  Specific projects included the following:

  • Develop Smart Grid strategy and roadmap (for PG&E, SCE, SDG&E, Burbank Water & Power, Snohomish County PUD, Taiwan Power Company and CEM, Macau)
  • Develop the policy and the Smart Grid Pathway for the IOUs in the State of California (California Energy Commission)
  • Assist utilities in implementing Smart Grid by developing technical specifications for AMI meters and infrastructure system, and soliciting and evaluating bids from vendors (Taiwan Power Company)
  • Assist utilities in implementing Smart Grid by preparing technical specifications for DMS and distribution automaton systems; interface to enterprise business system, GIS, CIS, OMS and WMS; and for smart field devices (Burbank Water & Power, Snohomish County PUD and Madison Gas & Electric)
  • Conduct training of utility management and engineers on Smart Grid Planning, Roadmap Development and Implementation (PEA, Thailand and TNB, Malaysia)
  • Developed EV driving pattern load database and assessment of grid impacts (NIST and SCE)
  • Develop readiness plans for integrating renewable (utility scale and distributed solar and wind resources), EVs and energy storage into the grid (SCE, SDG&E)
  • Conduct capital prudence study for capacity and reliability planning of distribution systems and develop master plans (CEM, Macau and FirstEnergy)
  • Develop system hardening policies against hurricanes for distribution systems in Texas (Texass PUC)


KEMA, Inc.: 2004 to 2008

Senior Principal Consultant

Dr. Chan specialized in integrating the triad of power system engineering, process management and IT (including real-time control systems, demand responses, load management and AMI systems) to maximize value to utility’s business operations. He guidds them to improve their services reliability and enhance customer satisfaction, while meeting regulatory requirements through asset management, which included an integrated approach to power system planning, system operations and dispatch, inspection and maintenance, capital budgeting, project and contractor management, and record management. He assisted utilities in utilizing different automation technologies to enhance system reliability, guide the company investment and minimize the business volatility.  Such technologies involved SCADA, distribution automation, feeder automation, AMI, demand response programs, distributed resources, outage management system, mobile workforce management system, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), and their interface to GIS, CIS and business back office systems.  He guided utilities in developing their Smart Grid strategy and roadmap.  Some recent engagements included the following:

  • Assisted utilities in using predictive reliability models to develop system reliability improvement plans based on business case results, which provided the supporting evidence to the regulatory commissions for rate cases, including Performance-Based Ratemaking.  The results involve tradeoffs between system performance, lifecycle costs and risks. 
  • Conducted assessment of urban system reliability for a number of utilities, including the condition and failure rate analyses of underground cables, overhead lines, protective relays, transformers, poles, circuit breakers, and other T&D asset.
  • Developed alternative reliability indices as alternatives to SAIDI and SAIFI, including those that incorporate customer satisfaction and quality of service.  Help ushering such indices through the IEEE standards groups.
  • Guided utilities in developing their T&D asset management strategies and implementation plans, including optimization of capex and opex budgets  
  • Developed system architecture and data integration principles to support Smart Grid vision in improving system reliability, system economics, customer satisfaction
  • Developed automation strategy roadmap for utilities to pursue their Smart Grid vision, taking into account the T&D system is operated and planned, for both reliability and capacity planning objectives.
  • Assessed the MV and LV system’s design, planning and maintenance practices to determine potential reliability improvement measures.
  • Conducted assessment of system assets to determine how to best harden the T&D system to achieve economically efficient service reliability performance, taking into account major impact but low probability events.
  • Develop business cases for Smart Grid by ascertaining how utilities could benefit from enabling technologies (e.g., communications infrastructure from the AMI or Distribution Automation Systems) to support applications such as feeder automation, remote fuse savings, SCADA for system reliability improvement; integrated volt/var control, feeder load balancing and intelligent bus transfer for system economics benefits; and demand response, distributed generation and customer service functions for customer satisfaction benefits.
  • Developed for utilities and assisted them in implementing distribution automation roadmaps for fulfilling Smart Grid vision.


Auriga Corporation, Milpitas, California: 2002 to 2004

Principal Consultant

Dr. Chan led the project delivery and business development area in the area of utility and related IT consultancy. He focused on substation automation; data mining for asset management from IEDs, protective relays, meters and circuit breakers; design of control area for IPPs; AMR; demand response programs; energy services; forensic analysis of outages; distribution system control centers; and service reliability strategies involving mobile work force management, outage management and related IT infrastructure. He also directed business process re-engineering studies for distribution operations and other utilities.

Dr. Chan assisted water and gas utilities in SCADA systems and rate studies. Selected projects include the following:

  • Developed a data mining structure to extract information for the different eng-users of the sea of data from protective relays, IEDs, meters and other microprocessor-based devices in distribution and transmission substation automation systems. The end-users would include Maintenance Engineering, System Protection, Operations, and System Planning departments. The system architecture would also involve a secure WAN that will allow authorized personnel in the corporation to access such information.
  • Designed and defined the requirements for a distribution switching control center and the associated SCADA system; also developed the KPIs for monitoring the performance of the dispatchers after mapping the work process of the distribution switching center; also developed the conceptual system architecture for the executive dashboard to monitor the KPIs.
  • Conducted a study for an IPP to evaluate the feasibility of setting up a control area in the Southeast and defined the requirements for being a control area, including the EMS/SCADA system and the control center as well as the metering and staffing requirements to support a control area in relation to a power pool.


SchlumbergerSema, Denver, Colorado

Executive Consultant

As Executive Consultant of Utility Practices, he led and executed consulting projects for utility clients in the area of energy delivery, distribution operations, asset management, metrology, outage management, work management, trouble call processing, automatic meter reading, load management, energy trading transaction support, and   real-time monitoring and control. He would develop strategic implementation roadmaps for clients to define the proper design and scope of any information technology solutions that facilitate the clients’ business processes. He also directed business development effort in the RTO/ ISO market. Selected projects include the following:

  • Evaluated asset management strategies for the energy delivery asset of a combination utility, and developed a strategic plan for the client’s asset management solution, which involves the establishing of an asset repository with the appropriate macro units and compatible units for planning the asset investment and maintenance and inspection. A middleware framework solution was recommended to provide the proper interface to the SAP and CIS as well as the outsourcing contractors for the M&I work, and the update of the as-built at the GIS.
  • Developed a strategic plan in the area of AMR and its interface of the balance of the database and automation systems within the utilities, as part of an IT strategy; defined an implementation plan for supporting customer services, outage management, value-added services, mobile computing, AM/FM/GIS, trouble call processing, call center, IVR, and SCADA and DMS operations. Currently the utility is deciding on whether to implement a system wide AMR strategy.


ML Consulting Group, President, Sunnyvale, California

As President of ML Consulting Group, he specialized in providing management and engineering system consulting by developing master plans for AMR, customer services, value-added services, DSM and power system dispatch. He designed and helped utilities acquire computer and communications systems to implement DSM, AMR, EMS/SCADA and distribution automation. He also provided consultancy in power system resource planning and operations involving distributed resources at both the bulk power system and distribution system levels. In addition, he conducted confidential market research and positioning studies for different vendors’ automation and energy service products. He also undertook management and operations audits as well as prudence review of utility planning and operation practices for regulatory proceedings. Selected projects include:

  • Developed an enterprise-wide automation plan for supporting the internal (Basic Energy and Reliability Services) and external market (Value-Added Services) of utilities. The plan involved customer gateway systems for customer services, SCADA and DMS systems for real-time operations, load forecasting and energy transaction evaluation for power marketing, and predictive maintenance systems for underground cables and transformers. It also entailed the interfaces with trouble call processing system, customer tracking system, business system, billing system, CIS and distribution engineering/planning systems.
  • Designed EMS/SCADA and integrated DA/DSM systems for implementing power system dispatch, DSM, AMR and DA functions; prepared functional specifications documents for acquisition of computer and communications
  • Conducted market research for vendor products in the areas of on-line real-time dynamic security assessment tools, digital training simulators for substation switching, and integrated substation automation systems, systems that are interfaced to the EMS/SCADA and corporate business computers. Vendors adopted the recommendations and are pursuing the market.
  • Evaluated different incentive mechanisms to allow utilities to accrue returns on DSM investments.
  • Developed research plans for EPRI in the area of integrated DSM and T&D planning and operations (currently known as distributed utility concept), involving distributed generation, renewable resources and modular storage devices.
  • Developed master plans for implementing AMR systems as a customer gateway system, for demand-side management, for load management and for end-use load survey. The utility client is currently implementing those plans.
  • Prepared expert witness testimony for FERC and state PUC rate filings on the subject of load management; testified in rate cases relating to the prudence of DSM programs and integrated resource plans
  • Conducted management and operational audit reviews for the different areas of operations within utilities, including power system resource planning in the context of integrated resource planning, DSM planning and implementation, power system dispatch, fuel management, and power plant production and maintenance.
  • Developed strategic plans for using automation technologies to compete for customers in a deregulated, open transmission access, and retailed wheeling environment, including the use of real-time pricing and solid-state metering.
  • Developed strategic plan for implementing DSM programs and DA functions, taking into account their impacts on the computer and communications system requirements and interfaces to EMS/SCADA systems and the corporate business computers which house the Customer Information System (CIS) and the Billing System.
  • Developed market research and load research projects and advised utility clients on their implementation and data analysis efforts so as to refine their marketing plans of the various DSM programs targeted for the different market segments.
  • Assisted utility clients in the development of their integrated resource plans at the bulk power and the distribution system levels, advising them on the methodologies and data requirements.


ECC, Inc., San Jose, California

Principal Consultant

As Principal Consultant, he specialized in consulting related to load management, AMR, DSM, distribution automation, EMS/SCADA systems, and power system planning and operations. He was recognized for leading the industry into the integration of load management and dispersed storage and generation (DSG) resources into the electric utility systems, preparing a white paper for the US Department of Energy on the subject, and guiding the development of application software for this purpose. He was also the industry leader in defining distribution management systems – an integrated system of SCADA, distribution automation, customer services and DSM. Selected projects include the following:

  • Conducted business cases for integrated load management and SCADA and distribution automation systems for IOUs, G&T cooperatives, distribution cooperatives and municipalities.
  • Developed functional specifications for integrated SCADA, LM and DA systems, evaluated bids, helped negotiated contracts, managed the system delivery project, conducted system acceptance testing, and commissioned such systems.
  • Developed technical specifications and the application software for integrating load management and distributed resources into power system dispatch; integrated with the load forecasting, unit commitment, economic dispatch, optimal power flow and contingency analysis of EMS/SCADA systems.
  • Developed a white paper on the integration of load management and DSG into the utility system operations and resource planning; determine the optimal dispatch of demand- and supply-side resources, including the use of Optimal Power Flow models for mitigating system contingencies, taking into account the transmission network constraints.


Energy Management Associates, Inc., Santa Clara, California

Manager, Load Management

As Manager of Load Management, he was responsible for directing projects related to the power system planning and operations scheduling involving load management, and for developing computer software for those purposes. He also conducted a study for EPRI to identify all the important issues related to the planning and implementation of load management programs, which formed the building block for integrating DSM and DSG into utility system planning and operations.


Systems Control, Inc., Palo Alto, California

Manager, Energy Demand and Supply

As Manager of Energy Demand and Supply Management Program, he was responsible for the technical supervision, staff development and business development in the area of load management, power system planning and operations, and software support and development. Dr. Chan directed over twelve projects related to those areas, specializing in load management, renewable resources, distribution system and bulk power system planning. He defined and tested applications software for dispatch of DSM resources, hydrothermal scheduling, hydro scheduling, and integrated them into load management, EMS and distribution SCADA systems. Selected projects include the following:

  • Conducted resource planning studies involving small hydro, DSG, fuel cells, storage technologies and DSM resources for a number of utilities, US DOE and EPRI. Formed the basis for a published white paper on integrating DSM and DSG into utility planning and operations.
  • Investigated the cost effectiveness of DSM technologies, including various time-of-use and spot pricing rate structures, advanced heat pumps, residential load control, demand subscription services, energy cooperatives, interface to building energy management systems, commercial customer load control programs, irrigation load control programs and appliance efficiency programs.
  • Developed market research and load research programs and advised utility clients on their implementation and data analysis efforts so as to refine their marketing plans of the various DSM programs targeted for the different market segments.
  • Developed operational scheduling models for integrating dispatchable DSM and dispersed storage and generation (DSG) resources into the day-to-day scheduling of generation, hydro and interchange resources in a unified, hierarchical framework under uncertainties.
  • Evaluated the state-of-the-art in transmission and distribution system planning methods, and developed the framework for deciphering the T&D impacts of integrating new distributed resources into power systems.


Tetra Tech, Inc., Lafayette, California   

Senior Engineer

As Senior Engineer, he was responsible for the development of resource management models for siting multiple power plants in a single water body with minimal environmental stress to the ecosystem due to thermal discharge; for environmental dispatch of thermal generating units to minimize the fish entrainment at the cooling water intake; for evaluating the groundwater contaminating potential due to geothermal brine spills; and for optimally dispatching fishery fleets to maximize the global yield of tuna resources.


Energy Resources Company, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Senior Analyst

As Senior Analyst, he was responsible for policy analyses in the areas of energy and environment. In particular, he was involved with issues related to power plant siting, nonsignificant degradation of air quality and visibility, supplemental dispatch and the "air bubble" concept to minimize air emission, basinwide water resource planning, water resource assessment associated with Project Independence, Water Pollution Control Act, Clear Air Act, Resource Conservation and Recycling Act, and Surface Coal Mining Act. Also responsible for comparing the welfare economics (e.g., inequity, water conservation potential, and economic efficiency) of different water utility rate structures as well as various water conservation devices.


Consulting Clients

His has served over 60 utility clients that span the IOUs, rural electric cooperatives, municipalities, public power agencies, research organizations,(e.g., EPRI, USDOE, and USDOI) and regulatory agencies (e.g., PUCs, FERC, and EPA) in both the domestic and international market. Selected clients include Central Maine Power, Atlantic Energy, Florida Power and Light, Wolverine Power Supply Cooperative, Delmarva Power and Light, Duke Energy, Allegheny Electric Cooperative, Seminole Electric Cooperative, Old Dominion Electric Cooperative, Eastern Utilities Services Corporation, Oglethorpe Power Corporation, North Carolina Electric Membership Corporation, Alabama Electric Cooperative, Cajun Electric Power Cooperative, New York State Electric and Gas, City of Palo Alto, Benton County PUD, Lower Colorado River Authority, Detroit Edison, Pacific Gas and Electric, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, Niagara Mohawk Power Company, EPRI, DOE, Commonwealth Electric, Taunton Municipal Lighting Plant, Suwannee Valley Electric Cooperative, Central Florida Electric Cooperative, Trico Electric Cooperative, Seattle City Light, East Texas Electric Cooperative, Potomac Electric Power Company, BC Hydro, City of Colorado Springs, Rockland Electric, Hydro Quebec, e-three, CMS Energy, China Light and Power (Hong Kong), PLN (Indonesia), Taiwan Power Company, Egyptian Electric Authority, National Grid Corp. and National Generation Corp. (India), Puget Sound Energy, InterGen, National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, San Diego Electric & Gas Company, and Pacific Gas & Electric Company, CLP Power (Hong Kong), CEM (Macau), Alinta (Australia), FirstEnergy, Southern California Edison, PEA (Thailand), NIST, California Energy Commission, Madison Gas & Electric, and Burbank Water & Power..



S.B., S.M. and Electrical Engineer's degrees in Electrical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, majoring in Power System Control and Optimal Control Theory


Ph.D./ Cornell University (specializing in Water Resources Management, Operations Research and Electrical Engineering)


Completed courses in operations management and market research at MIT Sloan School of Management


Professional Affiliations:

  • Senior Member of IEEE (Power Engineering Society)
  • Ex-Chairman of IEEE Customer Products & Services Subcommittee
  • Chair of IEEE Power Systems Planning & Implementation Committee
  • Editor of IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
  • Ex-Chairman of IEEE Demand-Side Management Subcommittee
  • Member of IEEE Distribution Automation Working Group and Power System Operations Subcommittee
  • Charter Member of ADSMP (now AESP)
  • Member of Editorial Board for AESP’s Professional Journal
  • Members of honorary societies: Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu and Sigma Xi
  • Executive Committee member of DA/DSMTM International Symposium (DistribuTECH Conference)
  • Chairman of DA/DSM DistribuTECH and Power Delivery Asia Conference
  • Technical Advisor to China Electric Power Research Institute, Beijing, China


Professional Papers:

Dr. Chan has published over 50 technical articles in the open literature in the area of power system planning and operations, load management, AMR, automation, and strategic planning. He has taught many tutorials and seminars in similar subject areas; tutorials and seminars sponsored by IEEE, DA/DSMTM International Symposium (DistribuTECH Conferences), EPRI, APPA, NRECA and international organizations such as CEPSI.


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